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Hi, I'm Jen Stockwell! Welcome to my Video Marketing Basics Course.

Every week I film a tactical video to teach YOU the basics of how to make video ads and create content for your business on social media.

I made it super affordable, it's just $7/month and you can cancel any time. Email me (above) for any support related questions.

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Examples of Modules:

How to Promote Your Business with Video

  • Defining your objective
  • Optimising your video
  • The 3 key elements in a promo video
  • The #1 question your audience wants to know
  • How to make video content efficiently
  • Topics covered in this video series

Why Video is an Effective Marketing Tool

  • How it captures our attention
  • Using our senses
  • Retaining information
  • What makes videos shareable
  • Video conversion facts

The 5 Types of Videos You Need to be Making

  • What are the main 5 types of videos to create
  • Video lengths for different social platforms
  • Creating video content in bulk
  • Creating a promo video and using it for ads
  • Using the right aspect ratio

The #1 Secret Your Videographer Won't Tell You

  • The #1 thing you need to know
  • Why I'm suggesting this
  • How you can do this
  • How this will help your brand
  • How you can relate to your audience better implementing this

Using Video for Organic Content & Paid Content

  • The difference between organic & paid content
  • What type of organic video content to make
  • What type of paid content to make
  • What type of videos have a bigger reach
  • Using video to reach a wider audience
  • Using video to connect with your current audience

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Modules coming up:

  • Module 1: Planning / Pre-Production (Content Basics)
  • Module 2: Production (Filming Basics)
  • Module 3: Post-Production (Editing Basics)
  • Module 4: Distribution (Social Media & Digital Marketing Basics)
  • Module 5: TBA

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